Wakefield Lit Fest 2016

What is it all about we hear you ask, we’ll let Dean Freeman (Rhubarb Bomb) explain...

"Not everyone knows this, but Wakefield has a Literature Festival (or ‘Lit Fest’) and that is not only an important thing but an interesting, exciting and fun thing too.

I’ll not dwell on the importance because that word, along with ‘Literature’, give it all slightly too high brow a feel. There’s no shame in that but those other elements – interesting, exciting, fun – are the key ones. The Lit Fest is incredibly accessible and open to all. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain from getting involved.

It doesn’t exist in one place, but across the city centre and into the district. I counted 60 events and then gave up; there are activities and events for all age groups and interest levels. It isn’t just people reading from books, but a huge range of things, such as nationally renowned Spoken Word, StandUp Comedy, Film Screenings, River Walks, Drawing Classes and all kinds of workshops. Some are ticketed, some are free.

From September 16th until the start of October there is quite possibly something for everyone. I’d simply urge you to take a look and see what raises your eyebrows, then get involved.

The tagline for the festival is ‘Everyone has a story’ and that is incredibly apt. Art, Literature, People, Places; they all matter and Wakefield Lit Fest is a wonderful exploration and celebration of who we are."

Wakefield Lit Fest 2016