Experience Wakefield Again

It's time to Experience Wakefield Again

Welcome back - we’ve missed you! As things slowly begin to return to a new normal, it’s time to Experience Wakefield Again.

But even though you might be eager to get going, it can be confusing trying to navigate all the new safety measures that businesses and venues have put in place to protect visitors.

We’re here to help. On this page you’ll find a list of resources to help your visit go smoothly, including where to find information, and a checklist of things to know before you go.

Experience Wakefield Again

Know Before You Go

Settling into the new normal can take a bit of getting used to, but don't worry - help is at hand. 

Whenever and wherever you're planning to visit, use this handy list to plan your trip.


Firstly, can you visit?
Just because some businesses are open again, doesn’t mean all of them will be. If visiting a particular place is make-or-break for your trip, check online to make sure they’re open. If it’s not clear, consider messaging their Facebook or Twitter page to be certain.
Different localities may have different guidelines. It’s a good idea to check local authority websites and social feeds for the latest advice and information.

How can you visit?
A lot of venues have put ticketing systems in place, to help them manage social distancing. Make sure to check whether you now need a ticket to visit, even if you didn’t need one previously.
Some venues have limited capacity, so if you want to travel with a large family group, check ahead of time to avoid being disappointed.

What will your visit be like?
Venues may be offering a different experience to the one you remember. There might be a one-way system in place. Some interactive exhibits might be unavailable, or certain parts of the venue may still be closed off.
Do they still offer food and drink? If yes, it may be takeaway only. Are their toilet facilities open? Can you still use the car park? If so, do you need to book in advance?
Make sure you’ve checked before you set off. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on their website or social channels, then it’s perfectly alright to phone ahead and ask.

Have you remembered your mask?
You must now wear a face covering by law in shops and on public transport. Individual venues may also ask you to wear a face covering for your safety, and the safety of others. Make sure you have a mask with you to avoid being disappointed.
For more information about statutory face coverings, click here.

And finally...
Venues are doing their best to help everyone enjoy their visit in safety, and that means they have to follow government guidelines. We know this can sometimes be frustrating, but please be patient.

Enjoy your visit!

Know Before You Go
Good to Go

Good to Go

Good to Go is the official UK mark to let visitors know that the business or venue which displays it has been assessed and follows all the government and public health guidelines to make their business COVID-19 secure. This includes maintaining high standards of cleanliness and making sure visitors can safely social distance, as well as having all the required processes in place to allow them to reopen and stay open.

Look for it when you’re out and about as your guarantee that the business has done everything it needs to do to keep visitors safe.

You can find out more information about the Good to Go scheme here, or find a list of venues on Experience Wakefield here.

If you’re a business or other venue, and you don’t see yourself listed, get in touch with us here.

NHS Test & Trace

NHS Test and Trace is a key part of the country's ongoing COVID-19 response. If we can rapidly detect people who have recently come into close contact with a new COVID-19 case, we can take swift action to minimise transmission of the virus. 

Playing your part:

- share your details with venues that are participating with NHS Test and Trace 
- if you develop symptoms, you must self-isolate with other members of your household and get a test to find out if you have coronavirus
- if you test positive for coronavirus, you must share information promptly about your recent contacts through the NHS Test and Trace service to help them alert other people who may need to self-isolate
- if you have had close recent contact with someone who has coronavirus, you must self-isolate if the NHS Test and Trace service advises you to do so

Find out more about NHS Test and Trace here.

Test & Trace
Experience Wakefield Again

General Information

Even though many venues and businesses have reopened, the situation is still changing rapidly. 

Visit the official UK government website for the latest information on the coronavirus outbreak and advice for travellers, or take a look at the frequently asked questions on coronavirus on the NHS website.

All planned Council events across the district remain cancelled. For further information please visit http://bit.ly/CoronaWFD

Advice for tourism and event businesses affected by COVID-19 can be found HERE. More information about other schemes can be found HERE.