Olympics at Home

Have Fun!

It's time for fun! We've all had a very hard few months, and there's nothing we all need more than some inspiration to kick back, laugh and enjoy ourselves. And we've got some marvellous ideas to help you do just that.

Host your own beach party (no matter how far you are from the ocean waves), go on a treasure hunt at home, hold the Olympics in your back garden and find out about 50 Things to do Before You're 5 (or even after you're five - let's be honest, who doesn't love crunching through forest leaves?).

So what are you waiting fo? Go on and have fun!

Have Fun
Experience Wakefield At Home

You might not be able to get to Wakefield right now, but that doesn't mean there isn't any fun to be had!

We've rounded up some of the exciting things you can see and do from home that will inspire and entertain you in these uncertain times. Once things are back to a bit more normal, we'd love to see you, and hopefully this page will have added loads of places to visit and things to do to your bucket lists.

Summer Beach Party

We do love to be beside the seaside! The situation we find ourselves in may have put a crimp in your summer plans, but with our handy guide to throwing your own beach party at home, you’ll be set to be the host with the most as you pull off the perfect get-together for your friends and family (within government guidelines of course!).

Don’t forget music! Spotify has playlists for all types of vibes. Here is our recommendation for your party: sptfy.com/summerbeachparty

50 Things To Do Before You're 5

Early childhood is a weird and wonderful time for preschoolers. The world is an amazing place full of limitless possibilities, as well as magic, mystery and monsters under the bed! 50 Things To Do Before You’re 5 helps you make the most of this special time.

Download the FREE 50 Things to Do App now and get started making memories. Tick off activities as you do them, collect rewards and keep a diary as you go.

Love Exploring

Calling dinosaur rangers and fairy wranglers!

Follow the Love Exploring app as it uses augmented reality to lead you to your first dinosaur at Pugneys Country Park or fairy at Newmillerdam. Once you find them, they’ll have a question for you. Did you get it right? Keep going until you’ve found them all. With guided trails, games and quizzes along the way, this is a fantastic way to get your family exploring the outdoors.

Love Exploring is completely FREE and is available to download from Google Play or the App Store.

Gnome Roam

Story Trails are a way to inspire families to go out walking and enjoy reading stories together, and to help build children's interest in reading while encouraging a healthy outdoor activity for both children and their grown-ups.

Story trails are a fun, educational activity that use words, images and sculptures from some of your children's favourite books. 

Check out the Blown Away Trail at Pugneys Country Park, Gnome Roam at Newmillerdam, and of course the Room On The Broom Trail at Anglers Country Park.

Watch the District

Hollywood comes to Wakefield!

The great British weather can be changeable at the best of times so if you need some indoor entertainment, why not discover the district on the silver screen?

We've rounded up some of the best TV shows and films (and bread adverts!) that have been filmed in the area - see if you can spot the locations while you watch.

Don't forget the popcorn!