Live Music & Performance

If you enjoy live music or want to spend your evening watching the thrill of performance, Wakefield has some of the best music venues, theatres and festivals just waiting for you to experience.

If festivals are more your thing then why not chill out on the hills of Clarence Park to watch Wakefield's longest running free music festival.

Theatre Royal Wakefield is the jewel in the city's crown captivating audiences far and wide with musicals, stand up comedy, dramatic plays and dance.

Long Division Festival is Wakefield's largest Music & Culture Festival. It takes place every June across the entire city centre. It attracts nationally touring artists whilst also supporting local musicians and is one of the most respected metropolitan festivals in the UK.

No matter the time of year there is always something happening at one of Wakefield's attractions, whether it's live music in unusual places or seasonal events you can share with family or friends.