Castleford, Pontefract & Wakefield Museums

Welcome to Wakefield Museums.

We are the Museums with the caiman under the floor; where Liquorice and voting collide;that celebrates sweet-filled-glass walking sticks.

We are stories. We are fun. We are weird and wonderful. You are invited to join in. You are invited to delve and discover.

Together we are amazing!

Discover more at Castleford Museum, Pontefract Museum and Wakefield Museum today.

Step back in time and discover what Castleford was like under Roman rule and how the town has changed over the centuries.

Dress up in Roman armour and learn about how these historic warriors fought in battle.

Celebrate the town's rugby heritage and explore the works and sculptures of local sculptor Henry Moore, all this and more at Castleford Museum.

Enter a world of discovery at Pontefract Museum and learn about the town’s history and its interesting fascination with liquorice!

Explore the heritage of Pontefract and the stories of people who lived, worked and played there.

PLEASE NOTE! Pontefract Museum will be closing on Saturday 23rd December due to exciting new refurbishment plans. The museum will re-open in 2018.

Step into a world of mystery at Wakefield Museum to discover stories of people and their lives, some over a thousand years in the making, others are only just beginning.

Explore the extraordinary world of pioneering Victorian eco-warrior and explorer Charles Waterton, creator of the world’s first nature reserve.

Are you brave enough to stand on top of the caiman?