Watch the District

Watch The District

Hollywood comes to Wakefield!

The great British weather can be changeable at the best of times so if you need some indoor entertainment, why not discover the district on the silver screen?

We've rounded up some of the best TV shows and films (and bread adverts!) that have been filmed in the area - see if you can spot the locations while you watch, and maybe next time you visit you'll see these places in a new light.

If you want to see things on the big screen, we have three cinemas in the district and all are reopen and welcoming visitors cinema. There's Cineworld in Castleford and Wakefield, and Reel Cinema in Wakefield.

Watch the District

A Touch Of Frost

A Touch Of Frost

TV Series | 1992 - 2010 | ITV 
75-101 minutes | 42 episodes | Rated 12-15

What: DI Jack Frost is an unconventional policeman with sympathy for the underdog and an instinct for moral justice. Sloppy, disorganised and disrespectful, he attracts trouble like a magnet. Starring David Jason as DI Frost.

Where in the district: Several scenes in and around Wakefield, Pontefract and Castleford. Notable locations include Carlton Lanes in Castleford, Rishworth Street and Westgate Station, Wakefield.

Where to watch: series 10 - 12 for free on the ITV Hub here.
All series are available to purchase from HMV or Amazon, or stream on BritBox.

National Treasure

National Treasure

TV Series | 2016 | Channel 4
45 minutes | 4 episodes | Rated 15

What: Paul Finchley is one half of a much-loved comedy double act – a cherished household name with a career that spans several decades. He’s a bona fide national treasure. But, in the face of accusations of historic sexual offences from the 1990s, the life of this adored comedian begins to unravel. Starring Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters.

Where in the district: County Hall in Wakefield, parts of Pontefract and Normanton. 

Where to watch: for free on All4 here.
Available for purchase on Amazon, AppleTV, Google Play or the Sky Store, or stream on Sky GO and NowTV.



TV Advert | 2015 | 2 minutes

What: Sylvester Stallone pitches a hot movie idea to Warburtons, about a team of mercenaries doing whatever it takes to make people's sandwiches worthwhile.

Where in the district: Warburtons' factory in Normanton, Chantry Bridge in Wakefield, the canal footbridge in Castleford and Heath Common.

Where to watch: on YouTube here.

Four In A Bed

Four In A Bed

TV Show | 2019 | 23 minutes

What: B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay. The second visit in this round is to Glencoe Villa Guesthouse in Featherstone, West Yorkshire, owned by Ewa Hunt. The homely styled bedrooms aren't to everyone's taste, and there's a debate over dinner.

Where in the district: Featherstone (Glencoe Villa Guest House) and Pontefract Castle.

Where to watch: for free on All4 here.

Black Work

Black Work

TV Series | 2015 | ITV
60 minutes | 3 episodes | Rated 15

What: Police woman Jo Gillespie's world is thrown into turmoil when husband Ryan, an undercover policeman, is shot dead in mysterious circumstances. She resolutely sets out to discover who murdered him and has to confront difficult truths about her family life and her marriage to Ryan. Starring Sheridan Smith.

Where in the district: Castleford.

Where to watch: free on ITV Player here. Stream on BritBox. Available for purchase on Amazon or AppleTV.

Lost In Austen

Lost In Austen

TV Series | 2008 | ITV | 45 minutes 
Rated 12

What: Amanda, an ardent Jane Austen fan, lives in present day London with her boyfriend Michael, until she finds she's swapped places with Austen's fictional creation Elizabeth Bennet. Starring Gemma Arterton.

Where in the district: Beluga Lounge, Market Street and former Yorkshire Bank, Westgate in Wakefield.

Where to watch: Stream from BritBox. Available to purchase from AppleTV or Amazon.

Film | 2016 | 95 minutes | Rated PG

What: Four children (the Swallows) on holiday in the Lake District sail on their own to an island and start a war with rival children (the Amazons). In the meantime, a mysterious man on a houseboat accuses them of a crime they did not commit. Starring Kelly Macdonald and Rafe Spall.

Where in the district: Wakefield.

Where to watch: Rent or purchase from Amazon, Google Play, AppleTV or Sky Store.
Also available for purchase from HMV. 

Film | 1963 | 128 minutes | Rated 12

What: Despite success on the field, a rising rugby star senses the emerging emptiness of his life as his inner angst begins to materialise through aggression, so he attempts to woo his landlady in hopes of finding reason to live. Starring Richard Harris and Rachel Roberts.

Where in the district: Belle Vue Stadium, Locarno night club on Kirkgate and Prudential Buildings in Wakefield.

Where to watch: Available for purchase from HMV or Amazon.

Film | 2011 | 90 minutes | Rated 18

What: Joseph, an alcoholic widow plagued by violence and a rage that is driving him to self-destruction, earns a chance of redemption that appears in the form of Hannah, a Christian charity shop worker. Starring Olivia Colman.

Where in the district: Residential areas of Wakefield.

Where to watch: Rent or purchase from Amazon, Google Play or AppleTV.
Also available for purchase from HMV.

Film | 2012 | 84 minutes | Rated 15

What: The film, set in 1974, follows Len and Jenny Maynard and their daughter, Sally, as they discover their new home is plagued by a paranormal being. Sally is attacked by the poltergeist on numerous occasions and the family attempt to exorcise the demon from their house but will this rid them of the evil or only make matters worse?

Where in the district: Pontefract.

Where to watch: Available to rent or purchase from AppleTV. Also available for purchase from HMV or Amazon.

TV Series | 2018 | BBC
55 minutes | 3 episodes | Rated 15

What: In 1933, retired detective Hercule Poirot is targeted by a taunting killer who sends letters signed "ABC", which Poirot must decode in order to discover the identity of the murderer. Starring John Malkovich, Rupert Grint and Tara Fitzgerald.

Where in the district: Church of St John the Baptist and St Johns Square in Wakefield.

Where to watch: Available for purchase from HMV, Amazon, Google Play or Sky Store.

TV Series | 2015 | BBC
60 minutes | 7 episodes | Rated 15

What: In an alternate history, during the time of real life Napoleonic Wars, two men of destiny, the gifted recluse Mr. Norrell and daring spellcasting novice Jonathan Strange, use magic to help England. Starring Bertie Carvel, Eddie Marsan and Marc Warren.

Where in the district: St John's North, St John's Square and South Parade in Wakefield.

Where to watch: Stream on Amazon Prime.
Available to purchase from HMV, Amazon, Google Play or AppleTV.